The Indigenous Knowledge Gathering is a project that aims to center local indigenous knowledge via the participation of native and indigenous peoples, community organizations, and scholars.  The topics and dialogue activated during the gathering serve as a space to challenge dominant institutions' objectifiction of traditional knowledge and multiple ways of knowing.

The working goals of the gathering include:

  1. Collecting testimonies, observations, and critical analysis of indigenous scholarship in the Western higher education.
  2. To gather and build a community of indigenous scholars, indigenous scholar practitioners, and community members representing indigenous groups, cultures, and traditions.
  3. To build inquiry, strategy, and methods to disrupt scholarship and education models that subjugates and prejudice indigenous populations, history, culture, and traditions.

The founding gathering on May 2nd, 2015 in Ohlone territories known as San Francisco brought together indigenous communities, scholars, and activists to the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).  The student-initiated event aimed to raise awareness and attention to the value of culturally competent curriculum and programming at CIIS and other universities.  The gathering's format and intention is happy to extend the space to other territories and spaces of learning.